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Teachers Pet Adult Womens Shirt
You better be ready to answer a lot of questions. Your hand should be raised all night when you wear this Teachers Pet Adult Womens Shirt complete with white collared dress shirt and tie. Just watch out for the class clowns.
Crayola Crayon Red Toddler Costume
Color me ready for fun in this classic Crayola red crayon toddler costume. Make your mark at the party; teachers and parents will enjoy this costume for use in the school parade and youll have fun when you color outside the lines!
Glee Sue Red Track Suit Adult Womens Costume
Theyll fall into line when you take center court in this officially licensed Glee Sue Red Track Suit adult womens costume. The red, white and wimple, 100% polyester track suit comes complete with a blonde character wig.
SALE $16.97
Teachers Pet Letterman Sweater
Itll be no secret why youre his favorite when you wear this Teachers Pet Letter Sweater. A+ navy sweater with white striped details and button down front shows off a little midriff so youll clearly follow your own dress code on Halloween.
Plaid Bow Tie (Pink and Blue)
…costume is this Halloween, add a bit of class when you accessorize with this Blue and Pink Plaid Bow Tie! Be stylish, even if you are an undead school teacher...
Al Gore Mask
Get ready to voice your opinion on global warming and the information superhighway when you slip on this Al Gore mask! This classic character mask is perfect for anyone with a political sense of humor or a penchant for taking over the democratic party.
SALE $9.99
Colonial Man Adult Mens Costume
Perhaps you are a pilgrim or one of the original settlers of our great nation. Maybe you are a teacher or participating in a church play. Whatever your calling this authentic looking Colonial Man Adult Mens costume is a great way to declare your independence. The tri-corner hat is included.
Plaid Sleeve Left Hand Bloody Arm
Raise your hand one more time and Ill cut it off. Didnt you used to hate the nerd in school who raised his hand every time the teacher asked a question? Scare up some Halloween fun when you get real on Halloween with this authentic looking bloody arm. Place it wherever you want - hang it from a car door…
Crayola Crayon Green Adult Costume
Make your mark and color the neighborhood green in this officially licensed Crayola Crayon Green adult costume. Great for teachers and parents to wear in the school parade or while walking the little ones around to trick or treat.
Crayola Crayon Red Adult Costume
Color me ready for fun in this classic and officially licensed Crayola Crayon Red adult costume. Make your mark at the party; teachers and parents will enjoy this costume for use in the school parade. Fun for all ages.
Crayola Crayon Yellow Adult Costume
…Crayon Yellow adult costume. Color the party with happiness and joy in this bright yellow unisex costume; comfortable and easy to wear. Great for teachers and/or parents to wear to school Halloween festivities.
Crayola Crayon Blue Adult Costume
…licensed Crayola Crayon Blue adult costume. In this fun costume you can color both inside and outside the lines. Great for costume idea for parents and teachers.