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Small Black Spider
A well-placed spider goes a long way. See what kind of screams you can get out of your guests when you use this Small Black Spider. Add webbing and more spiders for a frighteningly realistic insect display.
Natural Spanish Moss Small Bag
Create a creature from the Black Lagoon look or decorate swamp style with this small bag of natural Spanish Moss. Drape it indoors or out to enhance your decor.
Green Tree Shag Moss Small Bag
Make some Halloween magic when you decorate indoors or out with this small bag of green tree shag moss. Perfect for creating a haunted forest or swamp scene.
Light up Horseman Portrait Small
…headless horseman, full moon, rearing horse and an illuminated jack o lantern head. Best of all, the eyes light up in a most ghostly fashion. Great Halloween decor!
Spanish Moss Basil Green Small Bag
Scare up some Halloween fun when you decorate indoors or out with this basil green Spanish Moss. Great for creating all sorts of spooky effects!
Spanish Moss Walnut Brown Small Bag
Scare up some Halloween fun when you decorate indoors or out - drape the walnut brown Spanish Moss from trees and when innocent victims brush against it the screams begin!
Small Round Sunglasses
Wear these trippy small round sunglasses and set the wayback machine for 1969. Can you feel the love? Perfect to complete your funky Janis or Joe costume - totally retro!
Small Flying Ghost
Additional information Step it up a notch when you invite ghosts and goblins into your home. This Small Flying Ghost is suspended on a 25 long cable and he appears to float and fly back and forth while issuing creepy sounds. The sounds and the ghost are real - the spooky factor is up to you, depending…
Carving Tattoo Traditional The Gathering
If you are afraid of spiders, this is a really bad nightmare. There are 10 really big spiders gathering together to come after you. This pattern is easier to carve than you might think IF you carve it in the right order. Start by carving around the dangling inside legs without removing any pumpkin.…
Mini Strobe
Get your guests out of their seats with this Mini Strobe. This small and compact electronic device will transform any boring space into a jumping dance party. So, pick one up today and get ready to get your groove on!
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Zombie Cameo Necklace
If youre looking for a small taste of elegance while maintaining an essence of horror, wear this Zombie Cameo Necklace with your costume on Halloween. Perfect for all sorts of characters including witches and sorceresses who are as beautiful as they are evil.
16" Silver Skeleton
…stories about how this 16" Silver Skeleton came to be, and why you decided to have it preserved in silver. This little metallic bag of bones may be small, but that doesnt mean you cant spook anyone with it!
Mist Maker
This 12 LED Ultrasonic Mist Maker Creates mist via a rapidly vibrating small ceramic disk. Low voltage - only 20W. The safety U.L. listed transformer operates on household current and has a 6 ft. power cord with polarized plug. There is a another thin cord from the transformer to the mist unit which…
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Diaper Baby Screamer
…fellow will make a big impression on Halloween - Diaper Baby Screamer has piercing red light-up eyes and a nasty expression. Why does a baby that small have teeth?!
Rib Cage Necklace
Rib Cage Necklace has small silver skeletal ribcage shaped pendant - creepily perfect for skeletons, witches, zombies and ghosts!
Mini Strobe with Color Insterts
Get the party started, in your bedroom or dorm room with this awesome mini strobe light. They say good things come in small packages, and this strobe packs plenty of action. Complete with party gels to change the mood and keep everybody dancing, even ifs its the horizontal dance!