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Pumpkin Carving Kit
…Halloween with the exceptional Pumpkin Carving Kit. Mix and match the 12 supplied patterns to create ghoulish pumpkins worthy of every party mood, from devious to spooky to down right horrific. Your friends will surely think that you splurged on hiring a professional pumpkin carver!
Pumpkin Carving Tattoo Frightful Rides
pumpkin and amazes everyone who looks at it. If you are bored with carving ho hum patterns that your neighbors think are impressive but you know are mediocre, give this one a go. You will probably want to carve it on a foam pumpkin because you will like it so much. This is not for the novice carver.
Ultimate Carving 14-PC Kit
Guarantee you have yourself one spectacular masterpiece of a jack-o-lantern when you use this Ultimate Carving 14-PC Kit. Equipped with ten stencils, a carver, a detailing saw, scraper and marker, youll be ready to create a work of art.
Colossal Carving 10-PC Kit
…. They may believe you when you use this Colossal Carving 10-PC Kit complete with 6 unique stencils, a detailing saw, carver, super scooper and marker to carve your perfect pumpkin.