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Poseable Polly

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Underdog Dog Costume
There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here! Underdog is Shoeshine Boys alter ego who appears whenever Sweet Polly Purebred is being victimized by villains. Villains and bad guys beware - when your pet is dressed in this officially licensed Underdog dog costume trouble takes a hike.
Plush Parrot Deluxe Adult Costume
Polly want a cracker? You can say pretty much whatever you want when you don this colorful Plush Parrot deluxe adult costume - it will hold up to colorful language and crazy antics on Halloween. Hide in plain sight in this classic character costume.
Hanging Bat with Light-Up Eyes
Bats are creepy! Creep out the party when you decorate using this Hanging Bat with Light-Up Eyes. The hanging decoration features tattered garb, poseable arms and red light-up eyes.
Hanging Zombie Parrot
Polly used to be a talker, but ever since zombies got a piece of him its been very quiet...a little too quiet! This Hanging Zombie Parrot may not repeat anything you say, but thats only because hes undead! Decorate your house on Halloween with this creepy prop.