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Mossy Mat Roll Green 16 X 48
Decorate indoors or out with this green mossy mat roll - perfect for creating a cemetery effect and useful as a table topper for spooky decor.
Devil Lord Adult Costume
Abandon Hope, all ye who enter here, is written on your welcome mat in this Devil Lord adult costume. It’s time to break in the freshly damned souls in this scary Halloween costume, complete with red robe and devil tails belt. Add a devil makeup kit, sold separately, for some flame-kissed cheeks…
Bloody Feet Handwoven Doormat
…track that blood in here! Send a spooky message when you greet guests with this frightfully fun red and natural handwoven Bloody Feet doormat. The door mat is hand made from 100% natural and renewable coconut fiber.
Sonic Screaming Doormat
Make your feelings known when you scare up some Halloween fun with this awesome sonic screaming door mat - the graphics are great and the screams are blood curdling. Cool!
Spiderweb Nonslip Doormat
Weave a web of Halloween fun when you greet guests with this spooky orange and black nonslip Spiderweb doormat. The natural coir mat has a PVC backing.
No Costume No Candy Nonslip Doormat
Have a laugh when you greet guests with this clever orange, white and black nonslip No Costume No Candy doormat. The natural coir mat has a PVC backing.
SALE $19.98
Caveman Wig and Beard
Youll be part man-part beast wearing this Caveman Wig and Beard! Hair is matted, braided and decorated in cattle bones, covering most of the face so youll look as barbaric as humanly possible. So let loose because heres your excuse to act completely uncivilized!
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Adult Costume
…licensed Leatherface costume! Straight from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, the signature shirt, tie, bloody apron and character mask with life-like matted hair of this gory adult mens costume is sure send them screaming when you arrive.
Dreadlock Adult Wig
Get in touch with your inner island dweller in this fun adult Halloween wig! With 30 inches of twisted and matted locks, this dreadlock wig adds an authentic island style to that Rastafarian costume, Bob Marley costume, or trippy hippie costume. Youll be ready to go in an instant with a classic tie…