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Evil Outlaw

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Evil Outlaw Adult Costume
This Evil Outlaw adult costume is bad to the bone. No bones about it, youll be one scary dude in this dark outlaw costume that is easy to wear and scary to boot! Who needs a mask - the black bandanna has a white skull image that will have them cowering in fear at the sight of you.
Zorro Classic Grand Heritage Adult Costume
Fight tyranny and evil as a black-clad masked outlaw and leaves your distinctive mark when you wear this officially licensed Zorro Classic Grand Heritage adult costume and cut through Halloween boredom. This theatrical quality costume comes complete with a black hat, mask, cape, shirt, pants, gloves…
Zorro Adult Mens Costume
Make your mark in this sophisticated Zorro adult costume. Enter as the masked outlaw who fights evil and tyranny, defending the weak and standing up against oppression. Strong and silent, the man Zorro and his signature mark leaves a lasting memory on all who behold him.