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Demon Baby

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Demon Twin Baby Prop
Adoption Certificate Doesnt eat much. Never cries. Goes wherever you go. The perfect baby? Maybe - or maybe not. The Demon Twin Doll may be Rosemarys idea of a perfect baby but for most of us its freaking scary!
Animated Belly Buster
The Demon Seed comes to life in this incredible Animated Belly Buster! This spectacularly shocking costume is worthy of a place in the Halloween Hall of Horrors. The simple white T-Shirt reveals a deep, dark secret that will kill them - a zombie baby is about to emerge! The Animated Belly Buster is…
KISS Tiny Tikes Demon Baby Costume
You love the band, the costumes and the makeup as much as the music - and baby does too! Rock the crib when you dress your little one in this officially licensed KISS Tiny Tikes Demon baby costume and party all night long. The costume includes a character jumpsuit and mask.
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