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Carrie Adult Womens Costume
Everyone will scream bloody murder on Halloween when they catch a glimpse of you in this officially licensed Carrie adult womens costume. This fantastically creepy outfit comes complete with blood spattered dress, tiara, wig and red cream makeup.
Prom Queen Nightmare Wig
You might get a date to the prom - with a zombie! The Prom Queen Nightmare wig with tiara is worthy of Carrie. Rise the the occasion when you create or complete your costume with this disheveled and very funny wig.
SALE $14.98
Prehistoric Princess Club
Maybe back in the Stone Age before a woman carried mace on her key chain she carried a club for protection. Thats our story and were sticking to it. Stick it to the man when you complete your cave lady costume with this pink plastic prehistoric Princess club.
Vampire Cane
Add an authentic note to your costume when you carry this antique looking Vampire Cane - the black cane is topped with a silvery open mouthed creature with blood red eyes. Carry it and conjure up some Halloween fun.
Disney Minnie Mouse Plush Bucket
Theres no trick to this cute Disney Minnie Mouse plush bucket - use it to carry all the treats on Halloween. Youre never alone when you carry Minnie at your side; her smile spreads cheer both far and near.
SpongeBob Squarepants Candy Pail
Youre never alone when you carry your treats in the officially licensed SpongeBob Squarepants candy pail - carry it though Bikini Bottom or your neighborhood and keep your treats safe.
Disney Princess Bucket
Have a magical Halloween when you carry this perfectly pink coach-shaped Disney Princess treat bucket. It will match any Disney princess gown and make you feel like royalty whenever you carry it.
Star Wars Clone Wars Candy Pail
Youre never alone when you carry your treats in the officially licensed Star Wars Clone Wars candy pail - carry it though the galaxy or your neighborhood and keep your treats safe. May the Force be with you on Halloween.
Star Wars Candy Pail
Youre never alone when you carry your treats in the officially licensed Star Wars candy pail - carry it though the universe, galaxy or your neighborhood and keep your treats safe. May the Force be with you on Halloween.
Plush Bumblebee Candy Bucket
…a candy bucket! Bumble Bee Candy Bucket is luscious black and yellow plush, just like a real bumblebee, and cute, cute, cute. Let your little one carry candy in this fun Bumble Bee candy Bucket!
Hello Kitty Plush Bucket
Carry your candy and treats in this officially licensed and officially cute plush Hello Kitty basket. Dont worry, be happy and fun!
Skull Felt Bag
Carry treats, spooky stuff or sneakers in this handy black bag covered with a grinning skull print. It transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, whether its a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a bag of bones!
Elmo Plush Crossover Treat Bag
Tickle me Halloween - complete your costume and collect your treats when you carry this officially licensed Elmo plush crossover treat bag.
Iron Man 2 Drawstring Sack
You wont need an arc reactor to take over Halloween - just carry this officially licensed Iron Man 2 drawstring sack to collect all the loot and candy.
SALE $2.99
Tarzan "Cheeta" Monkey Purse
…your Jane of the Jungle, zoo keeper, cavewoman, jungle gal or wildlife expert costume with this officially licensed Tarzan "Cheeta" monkey purse and carry on with animal style.
Ninja Stars 3 Pack
Come prepared for the most deadly opponents when you carry this Ninja Stars 3 Pack. Youll be nearly invincible when you put them into action!
Gingham Hand Basket
…Riding Hood or storybook character costume with this classic blue and white gingham lined hand basket with two side lids - perfect as a handbag or to carry Halloween treats.
Inflatable Revolver Gun
Real guns are actually quite heavy and you wouldnt want to carry one anyway. No permit required when you add this authentic looking and lightweight inflatable revolver gun to your costume. Its especially handy for taking out pink elephants!
Pantyhose Fishnet with Seam
…back the glamour of a bygone age – the Betty Page age – in these Fishnet Pantyhose with Seam. This 100% Nylon hosiery will definitely carry up the rear of the glam girl going out this Halloween in the Sexy French Maid Adult Costume, available separately! Includes: Stockings Only.
Cameo Black and White Earrings
…and White Earrings the perfect addition to your Venus, Aphrodite, or simple toga costume. Most of these works of art are stored in museums but youll carry this legendary look with you everywhere you go on Halloween.
Grrr Monster Treat Bag
All eyes will be on you when you collect your treats in this cute and clever Grr Monster treat bag. Carry it and youll never be alone on Halloween.
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