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66" Hanging Skeleton
This 66" Hanging Skeleton may be too large to keep your closet, especially as Halloween grows nearer! The freakish size of this realistic skeleton is sure to cause a stir within your haunted house, so prepare your back story as to where this bag of bones came from.
Jointed Skeleton Cut Out Paper Decoration
What would happen if the skeleton still had just a little bit of flesh on those bones and it was headed your way - find out when you decorate with this six foot tall jointed paper Skeleton cutout - its a scream!
Jointed Paper Pirate Skeleton Decoration
Arrgh, matey, Ive come for me treasure and Halloween treats! Decorate your home with this six foot tall jointed paper Pirate Skeleton and scare up some fun on Halloween.
SALE $9.99
Winged Gruesome Greeter Decoration
Let this Winged Gruesome Greeter Decoration welcome your trick-or-treaters and party guests this Halloween! This 6-foot winged skeleton prop can guard the entryway of your haunted house, or stand outdoors to spread that Halloween mood to your yard. This frightening fallen angel will greet your guests…