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By Harlequin Bee

from Oxford, AL


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Pretty darn good for only [$]!



  • Realistic
  • Comfortable
  • Fun
  • Great Color


  • Itchy

Best Uses

  • Trick Or Treating
  • Costume Party
  • Just For Fun


I'm a beginner cosplayer perfectionist who spent MONTHS looking for an affordable, presentable wig for my Otis Driftwood (House of 10000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects) costume. Since the wig was so cheap and this wasn't a cosplay site, I was really worried about the quality of the wig, but I was pretty darn impressed! Besides being itchy after a while and squeezing my wig cap off after a while, it fit really well and didn't fall off or move around. The color is just like in the picture and the shine and what not is really realistic. The biggest thing that amazed me is the hair IS SO SOFT! I love it! However, it's not very much, so it's not top-grade quality. The part is very obviously fake and there's always a shadow underneath it at your forehead that looks like your hair. It's great that you can actually brush the thing without ruining it, but it does lose a bit more hair than I would like and it's easily wind-tangled. Overall, the wig was beyond my expectations and I was SO pleased with the outcome of my costume. If you're not into costumes as a hobby or you're not an OCD perfectionist, this wig is absolutely perfect. It's not expensive, and you won't look like a trainwreck.

Search Suggestions: Renaissance Wig